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Our new organization,   American Girls Baseball is a budding organization dedicated to giving our children and our young adults the opportunity to play the American game of baseball. Those of us that were fortunate enought to have had the opportunity to play the game at a professional level, will tell you it is a whold different game than softball. Yes, the time was right and we were fortunate that we got to live our dream and are still alive to tell our  stories. We know what it feels like to find other girls  who love baseball and moms and dads that find out what a difference that makes in knowing your not really different, you just love baseball.   

The Legendary Ladies of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League and  loyal Associate Members are dedicated  to continuing on the Legend of the AAGPBL League and giving  support to the national effort that has been put forward by a variety of independent organizations including Major League Baseball and , USA Baseball. 

It is our goal to support these girls and give them the opportunity to choose the sport they want to play. Baseball has not been a choice they have had without discrimination and bias. This  is not what America stands for. Help us help your children learn the great lessons that can be learned from team sports, acceptance and freedom of choice.

We hope you will donate to our efforts to keep or legacy alive through future generations of women who just want to play baseball and support your children who love the game.

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