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1943 All Star Team

1943 All Star Team
Photograph Lineup

 The All-Stars above were selected as the entire 1943 season All-Stars, and they did not play together in an All-Star Game. (See more below.)

Top Row - Left to Right:  Irene Hickson, Mary Baker

2nd  Row:  Mary Nesbitt, Helen Nocol, Margaret Berger, Olive Little

3rd Row:  Dorothy Kamenshek, Margaret Stefani, Gladys Davis, Ann Harnett

4th Row:  Edythe Perlick, Shirley Jameson, Eleanor Dapkus

5th Row: Bottom, Claire "Clara" Schillace, Pauline Pirok

* Dorothy Wind & Charlotte Smith  missing from the above collage.



1943 All Star Team Summary


  The first night game at Wrigley Field was -- not in 1988!   It was between the All-Stars of the AAGPBL on July 1,1943, under portable light.It featured the Kenosha and Racine All-Stars vs. the Rockford and South Bend All-Stars. The four teams of this new League were well represented in a WWII WAAC recruiting rally exhibition game.

 Managers for the teams were John "Josh" Billings for the Kenosha & Racine team and Edward "Eddie" Stumpf for the Rockford & South Bend team.  [The Chicago Tribune sports pages, July 1-2,1943: Kenosha Evening News sports pages, June 24 and July 2,1943.]

Currently there are no records available to indicate that an All-Star Team was recognized during the 1944 and 1945 seasons.

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