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A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroines

It's only September of 2014 and the numbers of  players on my team keep getting smaller. Funny thing though, they are not really gone, they are still with me.

What I remember most about my friends who made such an impact on my life in those long ago playing days with the All American Girl's Professional Baseball League, is not their great agility and skill on the field or their records for pitcing no hitters, or stealing bases. My memories are of their smiles. As I reflect back on all the years that have passed I see their faces, just as they were and they are all smiling. What a wonderful gift to leave behind for those of us that love and cherish past years together.

The All American Girl's Professional Baseball League is an organization of women who played in the League, associate members, who are friends and supporters, relatives and family of players, past and present, and many others around the world who have either read about us, met someone from the League, participated with us at annual reunions or special events we attended or people who loved the movie, "A League of Their Own" and wanted to know more about those gals who played baseball in short skirts!

 We, of course are no longer technically classified as "girls" but those who celebrate life with us and become a part of our League, really believe we are still young.  I say it is because of the smiles.This brief Tribute is to all the girls, players and supporters who continue to "Smile" forever in the minds and hearts of those of us who remain.Those who have joined my teammates  in the past 12 months will smile their special smile for me forever.

Alverson, Noella LeDuc, Dries, Dolores Lee "Pickles", Eisen, Tiby, Harding, Jean, Kellogg, Vivian, Kemmerer, Bea, Powell, Rose Folder, Reeser, Esther Ann “Zan”, Romatowski, Jenny, Schweigerdt, Gloria “Tippy, Steffes, Helen Filarski, Weiss, Elma Steck, Wenzell, Marge, Wisham, Mary Nesbitt, Crews, Witiuk, Doris Sher

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Jeneane Lesko (Des Combes)

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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