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America Needs to Let the Girls Play!

The time has come to accept the fact that girls can play baseball. Yes, they can make throws from the outfield to home plate and the third baseman can get the ball from third to first in an exciting display of speed and accuracy.

 There have been many arguments  challenging the physical abilities of girls to play baseball on a regulation baseball field. Then many believe the ball iss too hard or the possibility of injury is too great. All these attempsts to keep the female sex from playing the game have  been proven to be unfounded. They were proven long ago as adventuous independent minded women have been playing the sport sise by side with the men for centuries now.

 We support girls having the oppportunity to participate in baseball, to play the sport in schools as part of the baseball program for boys. We expect that girls who have the physical capability to compete with boys in Junior and Senior High Schools be encouraged to play the game with boys until such time the girls receive the training at earier ages in recreational programs, so there are the numbers to support girls playing baseball all over America in "Teams of Their Own".

Jeneane Lesko, AAGPBL-PA Presidemt 2016

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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