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2012 Player Update: More Players Move to Higher Ground

Those who have left their earthly home in 2012: 

AGNES ALLAN (9/21/1930 - 2/24/2012: Agnes started her baseball career in the AAGPBL with the Springfield Sallies touring team in 1950. She had the opporunity to pitch in Yankee Stadium and held that experience as very dear to her. She played from 1951 thru 1953 with the Kalamazoo Lassies as pitcher and outfielder. She attended college in Michigan and received her college degree in physical therapy. Agnes returned to her home state of Iowa where she practiced as a physical therapist for 35 years. Agnes leaves behind family and teammates who will remember and miss her.See Obituary.

MARGARET "PEG" JOHNSON (8/15/1926 - 3/23/2012): Margaret was a chaperone for the Chicago Coleens touring eam in 1948. She served in the armed forces in WWII. She spent most of her working years With the University of Michican where she

graduated in 1939. See Obituary.

JANET ANDERSON PERKIN (11/21/1926 - 3/30/2012): Janet was a native of Regina, Sask., Canada. She played in the league for a year. She had many  athletic accomplishements in her career , but little information is available concerning her brief time in the AAGPBL. See Obituary.

GENEVIEVE "GENE" VISICH (TRAVIS) (10/18/1926 - 5/07/2012: Gene was a native New Yorker. She was honored to say she played with the Rockford Peaches in 1948. Her career in the league was brief, but her heart was big. She was honored as Female Athlete of the Year by her local chaper of the March of Dimes and supported the AAGPBL by making appearances and attending reunions to the end. She lived an interesting life and leaves many friends and family, including her baseball family and will be missed. See Obituary.

ROSE MARY "HAP" GLASER (10/22/1921 - 5/11/2012): Hap was a talented athlete who played in the league with the Kenosha Comets in 1944. She was a pitcher and played outfield. This Ohio-born native was adept in a vast number of sports and taught physical education and coached in the public schools from 1946 through 1975. Rose Mary was a talented softball player for years and was credited with many awards for her achievements and dedication to sports during her lifetime. She was also dedicated to her family who will remember her with love and affection. See Obituary.

Posted on Friday, June 1, 2012

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