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How do I contact a certain player?

We do not provide personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. If you fill out the correct information in the "Contact Us" of this website and identify the specific reason for your request and complete contact information, someone will contact you. If your request is reasonable, we will contact the player on your behalf and give them your contact information. It is the player's decision to respond or not. If they do not, it may be that player may be physically unable to respond. Some of our players are elderly and unable to be contacted.  Many do not have e-mail addresses. Someone will respond if your e-mail address is properly entered.  We make an initial contact,but our staff are volunteers are limited so please allow a few days for a response.

Who do I contact to invite player(s) to an event in our area?

On the Contact Us section of this website scroll down, then pull down the subject list to former player personal appearance and follow the directions in that area. You will be contacted by a website coordinator.

What books are available as reference material for a report on the League History?

Our official historian has written the most comprehensive information available on all aspects of the development of the league.  The name of the book is in our bibliography section, "The Origins and History of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League," written by Merrie Fidler.

Refererence books listed in our Bibliography section can be purchased on-line through Amazon.com or bookstores in your area. Some Player's who have written their own books must be contacted personally.to purchase their books. Check the FAQ section under "Bibliography References for specific information on these books.

Where can I find photos for a school report for my presentation?

You may purchase photos from our Archives at the Baseball of Hall of Fame or the Northern Indiana Center for History. You may use these photos for your personal use, which includes completing a report. 

You may not re-distribute the photos or copies for any other purpose or sell your work without written permission from the AAGPBL-PA  or from the copyright owner of the photo being used.


Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown NY for AAGPBL personal player information or photos:


Northern Indiana Center for History, South Bend, IN.  AAGPBL Archives for photos or personal player information:


How do I find memorabilia about a player or the league?

The AAGPBL-PA does not sell, distribute, or evaluate the value of memorabilia.  We display basic player information voluntarily provided by league members or provided from documentation from archived information.   All the information on this website is copyright protected and may not be duplicated for distribution to the public through any media, written, digial or audio without the expressed written permission of the AAGPBL-PA.  
The Baseball Hall of Fame keeps individual files containing scrapbooks, photos and other memorabilia on each player who has submitted items.  Displays of memorabilia are available for viewing at the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY,  Northern  Indiana Center for History, South Bend, Indiana, and many smaller museums across the US.
The AAGPBL-PA does not warrant the accuracy of any personal player profile  or team information.  All information is believed to be from reliable sources, but some information displayed has not been verified. Thi sprocess is being implemented  and any errors will be corrected as soon as they are identified.

How do I become a member of this Association?

On the menu bar on the home page you will find a tab called "Player's Association".  Under the drop down menu is the "Become a Member" tab. Click on it and you will be given 3 option buttons.   Choose one of the two choices of method of payment.  You will be given specific instructions and the application form under each option.

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