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US Women's National Tournament

Saturday, October 11, 2014 - Monday, October 13, 2014

Women's National Baseball Tournament

Dodgertown, Vero Beach FL.  Dodgers Training Camp


LOCATION       STADIUM                                           FIELD # 2

October 11, Saturday, 10 AM:                           Sat. 10 AM

New England Red Sox Vs Chicago Storm            East Coast Yankees Vs WA DC Thunder

                          2 PM:                                         Sat. 2 PM

Chicago Storm Vs East Coast Yankees               WA DC Thunder Vs New England Red  Sox

 Octber 12  Sunday, 9 AM                                   Sun. 9: AM

WA DC Thunder Vs Chicago Storm                  New England Red Sox Vs East Coast Yankees

                         1: PM                                              

# 4 Seed Vs # 1 Seed

                        4:30 PM

#3 Sees Vs # 2 Seed

Ocotorer 13, Monday, 9 AM Championship game.

Winner Sun, 1: PM Vs Winner Sun. 4:30 PM

AAGPBL Players  will Attend thiis Annual event to suport the Next Generation of  Women Baseball Legends

Didn't know women are playing baseball today? Well there are hundreds if not thousands of women, young and old who love to play baseball. As a nation our press is beginning to see some of these highly motivated young girls playing in organized leagues across America these days.  Some of these young girls are fortunate to have an organized league close to where they live. The vast majority are playing on men's teams or are playing on Little League boys teams, boys  high  school teams and a few on mens' college teams. The rest are playing in the parks and the city streets just as they did in America in the 1940's.

Did you know there was a World  Cup tournament in Japan just this September? The USA Team came in second place behind Japan- 3 time World Cup Champions. Yes, we have women playing baseball all over the world. Japan even has a professional women's baseball team. The USA has an up and coming stellar team , but they only play as a team in the International Events which is often only one event a year and very little time together as a team.

Over the past few years USA Baseball has organized a tournament for women to come together as strictly women's teams to compete for the title of US National Champions. Even though there is no centralized program for women nationally, the scattered organized Leagues that exist have valiantly struggled to keep women's basball alive in the US, inviting those less fotunate players who do not have a League to play against other women in their area,  to come together with other less fortunates to compete as "Pick Up Teams" in scattered tournaments often thousands of miles away. They still play wherever and whenever the opportunity exists.

 It is a sacrifice. Imagine the number of women who are working full time, some raising children, being members of families and active in their communities, paying all their expenses and traveling long distances to find another team that plays their level of baseball just to for the LOVE of the GAME. Not many you say. Well there are a lot more who would love to have the oppportunity and that is the issue. Women struggle to get fields to play on and to find support within their communities to help pay for the fields and equipment, organizing and preparing the fields. The cost is hundreds to thousands of dollars and hours of time to these women, just to be able to be on a baseball field playing Americas Favorite Pastime. 

This year the ASA Baseball organization decided not to have this annual event so thhe EWBC (Eastern Women's Baseball Conference), comprised of 4 East Coast teams in the Washington DC and Baltimore MD area have take up  the challenge to make this tournament happen. What a wonderful surprise it would be to see even one hunred American citizens take the time out of their busy lives to come to see just how well these women can play the game and support them in this one annual event for Women in Baseball in Floida next month. If you live in Florida or travel there in the winters, take a couple hours to go to Dodgertown and visit with us All Americans who will be there in support of these women. There is no charge to see the games or to get a signed autograph. We will look for you in Dodgertown soon.

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